Dearest Christ Church Family,

The Psalmist composes, Wait for the Lord; be solid, and let your heart take boldness; Wait for the Lord! Holding up is hard, particularly when it relates to beneficial things that we profoundly want. Some of you are by and by sitting tight upon the Lord for vocation heading, a life partner, or kids. Maybe you are managing a medical problem, and hanging tight for answers. You accept life would be so much better if the Lord would just give you your deepest longing. It’s the experience of most.

Those who’ve been going to Christ Church Presbyterian for any noteworthy time allotment have been trusting that a structure will call home. On the off chance that solitary we had our very own structure we would have the option to make a superior space for Lord’s Day revere, be increasingly friendly to our guests, give better nurseries and study halls than our pledge kids, and grow our service consistently. Be that as it may, God knows best. He realizes what we need and when we need it.

He is God (all-amazing), and he is our Heavenly Father (all cherishing and all insightful). His ways are unsearchable. Consequently, living by confidence implies piously holding up upon our Father and submissively submitting to his arrangements for us, and not the a different way. His elegance is adequate, and his capacity is made impeccable in our shortcoming (2 Cor. 12:9). Give us a chance to hold up upon the Lord. He will restore our quality, and engage us to continue on with bliss.

Building Search — What Now?

Notwithstanding confiding in God and holding up upon him in petition, we will keep on forcefully quest out conceivable outcomes for another area. When we originally found the property at 486 Wando Park Blvd. the older folks and elders accepted that our gathering was completely equipped for acquiring the office. In any case, since the choice to push ahead on the property our congregation has encountered a few changes.

  • Numerous families moved away, and others started going to various temples in the territory.
  • Indeed, even with these changes, notwithstanding, through remarkable liberality and penance our assembly had the option to raise over $1.7 million dollars in promises!
  • I can’t start to reveal to you how reassuring this is to me actually. Your adoration for Christ Church Presbyterian and your enthusiasm to see her develop in loyalty, perceivability, and witness is practically discernable.

Whatever occurs, the Lord has utilized this whole procedure to cultivate further solidarity, love, support, and duty as an assemblage. Simply this week (in Lord’s Day adore and in two mid-week little gatherings) I’ve encountered probably the best and most cheering association since we started the work in 2013. I adore Christ Church. It is an uncommon collection of devotees. I hear that all the time from people who visit us. Christ Church, how about we revel in what’s most significant, regardless of whether we don’t yet have what is less significant—a changeless office. That is, we should delight in our favored triune God, his sublime good news of elegance, and in each other. The lines have succumbed to us in wonderful spots. Would anybody trade a lovely working for these unbelievable favors?